^-This here shows a picture of a Monarah, it is a candle holder with 7 candles for the 7 days of worship that they believe in. Judaism is a monotheistic religion which believes that the world was created by a single, all knowing divinty, and that all things within that world were designed to have meaning and pourpose as part of a divine order. (Taylor Ward).
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´╗┐Judaism started way back in 1,300 bc, Mesopotamia. Judaism is considered the first monotheistic religion and is the basis of both the islam and christian religions. Their idea of God is that he is a unitary, solitary god who has a personality and everything. It's headquarters is Israel, and most of it's followers are hebrews which makes it an ethnoreligious group.
Jewish philosophers often debate over weather God is immenent or transcendent. Their ideas on the afterlife vary as well as some think that there is nonexistence. Some believe in reincarnation, Some have other beliefs. They belief that life's purpose is to obey the Jewish law and atone for sin. Some of their practices are circumcising their babies and have bar mitzfhas. A key person is Guru Nanak (DF)

Clearly, there is a religion called Judaism, a set of ideas about the world and the way we should live our lives that is called "Judaism."

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This shows a barmitzvah. A barmitzvah is a coming of age ceremony where a 13 year old boy is finally considered a man. It involves alot of studying and the boy is usually given money as a present. It is a key part in Jewish religious traditions and is similar to a quincenera or a sweet sixteen. (ZB)