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At least 1 key person per student. List their lifespan, followed by two sentences regarding who they are and why what they did is important.

Guru Nanak Dev - (1469-1539) He was the founder of Sikhism, and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. Guru Nanak supposedly encountered God directly and was made his servant. (EP)
Guru Arjan - (1563-1606) The fifth Sikh Guru who built the Golden Temple and compiled all of the past Guru's writings into one book now known as the holy scripture. (WJ)
Giani Sant Singh Maskeen - Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a giant in the Sikh community. He was a dedicated Sikh who had preached the Guru’s Bani for nearly five decades. He had a brilliant knowledge of Gurbani and the Sikh History. He was a well-travelled missionary and had preached in all corners of the world icluding Europe, America, Africa, South East Asia and Middle East. (S.S.)
Mai Bhago is one of the most famous women in Sikh history. She is always pictured on horseback wearing a turban with her headscarf gracefully flowing in the wind, courageously leading an army into battle (WS)

Siddhartha Gautama: The founder of Buddhism. lived from about 566 to about 480 B.C. He renounced his princely title and became a monk, freeing himself of possessions in the hope of comprehending the truth, and finding a path toward enlightenment and liberation. (LR)

Ananda It is not known when or where Ananda passed away but, according to tradition, he lived to a ripe old age. The Buddha's cousin and one of his primary disciples. He memorized and recited the Buddha's teachings, and so was known as the Dhammabhandagarika, "treasurer of the teachings." (WS)

Dalai Lama- One of the few people alive today that is considered important in Buddhism. (MG)
Shiva: (5th and 7th centuries CE) In the Vedas, shiva is an aspect of the god Rudra, not a separate god. However, a joint form Rudra-Shiva appears in early household rites, making Shiva one of the most ancient Hindu gods still worshipped today. (LR)

Confucius - (551BC-479BC) Confucius was the founder of Confucianism more than 2,500 years ago in China. Most of his writing deal with individual morality and ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by the rulers. (EP)
Prospero Intorcetta (1626–1696) Prospero Intorcetta published the life and works of Confucius into latin so the rest of the world could read it. (S.S.)

Brahmin- Hinduisism priests. They are spiritual advisers for hinduists.(LG).

Kami- Kami are are ancient gods or spirits that influence Shintoists. They are supposed to bring luck and goodness to humans.(LG)

Mother Teresa- (1910-1997)
From a young age Mother Teresa always wanted to be missionary of God, and as she got older she became a missionary. She would visit many poor, third world countries, and she would spread her love and compassion to the people that lived there. If it wasn’t for Mother Teresa many third world countries would be suffering in poor conditions. (SF)

Jesus Christ-(5 BC-30 AD) Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary on December 25. Throughout his life he became a very well-known religious leader. He was crucified, and died on the cross. He is important to the religion of Christianity because without him there wouldn’t be the Christianity religion. (MG)

Siddhartha Guatama (566-486 B.C.) Siddhartha Guatama more commonly known as the Buddhism. He was later called the Buddha which means the enlightened one. He is important because he is the founder and spiritual leader of the Buddhist religion. (DF)

Lao-tzu- founded daoism in 550 BC in china. (SJ)
Muhammad- founded the religion islam in 622 AD. Muhammad is important because for one he founded it and he went around teaching its orgins and lessons and hymns. (SJ)
ProphetMuhammad.jpg(uploaded by Zach Becher)
Kennushi: An alternative name for a Shinto preist. They are traditionally reffered to this only if they, through the observance of purificatory practices, had become qualified to serve as a medium for a deity. (MG)

Moses c.1250-1370...Moses was the greatest prophet, leader, and teacher. He is the only one who is said to have known god face to face, mouth to mouth. He is important because he is the man who recieved the 10 commandments and freed the isrealites from egypt. (DF)
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Muhammad- (570-632AD). Mohammed was born in the Arab trading and pilgrimage city of Mecca. Muhammad was important because he was the founder and the teacher of the important religion that the Islamics worshiped, Islam.

Khadija- (555-620AD) Khadija was born into a wealthy family. At the age of 40 she decided to marry muhammad who was 25. They were married for 25 years until Khadija died during ramadan. Khadija was the first official convert of Islam.(ZB)

Abraham- One of the seven prophets who received scriptures from god. Abe aproved to be the source of two great prophetic families.

Dali lama- The dali lama is the spiritual leader of tibet and tebetin Buddihsm. (ET)
Mayan rulers- The Mayan rulers where the semi devine leaders of the Mayan religion. They where how the people communicated with the gods.(ET)

Guru Har Rai- This was a Sikihism Guru who lived from 1630-1661. From a very young age he exhibited a sensitivity to all living things and endeared himself to his grandfather Guru Hargobind. He soon wanted to become a religious Guru, like his grandfather. The times of Guru Har Rai was a time of consolidation for the Sikh community without any major battles in the Gurus lifetime. (SF)

Guru Nanak
The Guru was born in 1469 and he had died in 1539.
The guru when he was young had made friends with the Muslim kids and the Hindu kids. Which then in later life he was the founder of Sikhism religion by making those simply friends made him help and find out what he did. (Logan Matzke)

Christianity's Leader (Jesus): Jesus was known to be born in 5 BC/BCE and then was sent to die for people and then Jesus was crucified in 30 AD/CE.(B.B)

Confusious: K'ung Fu - tze (Confusious) was born in 551BC after writing the Teachings Of Confusious and the 5 Noble Truth Confusious died in 479BC.(B.B)

Nhat Hanh, Thich 1926- Expatriate Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk. Also a teacher, author, poet and peace activistis and now based in France.(AC)