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1200-900 BCE- Earliest Vedas are compilied.(LG)
480 BCE- Birth of the Buddha in Kapilavastu.(LR)405 BCE-Death of the Buddha. (LR)
563BC - Siddhartha Gautma born
563 B.C.E. Queen Mahamaya siddharthas mother dies (WS)
550BC-The Bible is composed(TW)
551BC - Confucius, the founder of the religion, was born. (EP)
478 BC - Shrine in Qufu, China dedicated to Confucius is built. (WJ)
213 BC - Emperor Shi Huang Di of the Qin Dynasty ordered all Confucian books, except the I Ching, to be burned (WJ)
136BC - Confucianism was made the official state philosophy under the Han Dynasty. (EP)
930AD-Soloman builds a temple in Jerusalum for the Jews (TW)
8th century AD- most of the Shinto books are written.(LG)
6AD- Jesus Christ is born (SF)
70AD- Fall of Jerusalem (MG)
75AD- Judea, Galilea and Samaria are renamed "Palaestina" by the Romans (TW)
380AD- Christianity made official religion of Roman Empire (MG)
500-1500 CE- An ancient non-vedic hindu scripture containing mythological accounts of ancients times are compiled.(LG)
570AD- Muhammad is born (ZB)
622AD- Muhammad flees to Medina (ZB)
632AD - Muhammad Dies ( BH)
1882-1952 - Egypt Occupied by british (BH)
710-1185 AD Confusianism influences Shinto.(LG)
1095 AD- Crusades enter israel and killing begins (ZB)
1441AD- Jews exodus of egypt ZB
1500AD - The first Sikh teacher, Guru Nanak, began preaching. (EP)
1507AD - Guru Nanak Was recognized as the first guru of Sikhism.(S.S.)
1517AD- Martin Luther recites his 95 Theses (SF)
1521-1522 AD - The first Gurdwara, place where Sikhs come to worship, was built by Guru Nanak (WJ)
1581AD - Arjan Dev Bbecomes the 5th Guru in Sikhism.(S.S.)
1619 AD - Diwali, "Festival of Light," is created to celebrate the release of Guru Hargobind from prison. (WJ)
April 13, 1699- khalsa established (WS)
1666- birth of guru gobind singh (WS)
1644AD- Theravada Buddhism established in Burma
1662AD- Prospero Intorcetta translates all of Confucius's works into latin so european countries learn of Confucianism. (S.S.)
1699AD - Guru Govind Singh introduced features now universally associated with Sikhism. (EP)
1850s- Non-Muslim ottoman citizens granted equality with muslims.
1907AD- Buddhist Society of Great Britain founded
1995 AD- The Supreme Court of India highlighted the formation of hinduism's defining features.
1949- Buddhism suppresed by chinese community government.( MG)
2001- Destruction of standing Buddha statues at Bamiyan by Taliban regime.
2001- Muslims extremists attack the United States. (MG)
1895- Vedanta Society founded by Vivekananda. Promotes Hinduism as a world religion and India as a single nation.(LR)
1915- Gandhi joins the nationalist movement. (LR)

550 BC. Lao-Tzu founded Taoism. (SJ)
226-249 B.C.- Wang-Bi introduces taoism and confucian learning.
618-626 BC.- Emperor Gaozu builds a temple at Lao-tzu's birthplace.

570 AD- Muhammad was born (SJ)
610 AD- Muhammad has his first vision in the caves.
622AD- Muhammad and followers flee to medina.
632AD- Muhammad dies.

528 BCE- Siddhartha Gautama, meditating under a tree at Buddha Gaya in northwestern India, achieved enlightenment.(AC)
528 BCE- The 4 noble truths were revealed by Siddhartha Gautama in his first sermon after his enlightenment.(AC)
710- indigenous religion that grew out of the ancient animistic and tribal mythology of Japan.(AC)
618-626 BC.- Emperor Gaozu builds a temple at Lao-tzu's birthplace.(AC)
1492 - jews expelled from spain (BH)
1497 - jews expelled from portugal (BH)

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