Buddhism = Light Green Christianity = Dark Red Confucianism = Light Blue Hinduism = Black Indigenous Religions = Purple Islam = Dark Green
Judaism = Light Red Sikhism = Dark Blue

2 terms per person related to the religion. Defnitions only. Initals after what you did. Color coded (MS).

Chac-The hooked-nose god of rain and lightning(ET)
Bolon Tzacab- The Mayan god of royal descent(ET)
Acariya-Teacher DF
Anatta-Not self, egolessness DF
Nirvana-the state of final liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth(ET)
Zen Buddhism- Buddhism focused on achiving enlightenment through meditation. (ET)
Anand - A state of bliss which defies description. (EP)
Sikh - a student or learner of the religious order founded by Guru Nanak in the 15th century (WJ)
Khanda - the emblem of the Sikh nation named after the double edged sword in the middle (WJ)
Artha- means wealth and in Sikh culture it is acceptable to acquire wealth, but not let it become an end to itself.(S.S)
Bhog- the ceremony marking the conclusion of the path. (S.S.)

Chih (zhih) - wisdom, moral understanding or judegment, one of the four virtues Mencius' seed or sprout theory (EP)
Chun-tzu - superior man, gentleman, noble, scholar - the superior man is a model that the students are to emulate along with the sages and good kings of old (WJ)
Emulation - modeling oneself after moral examples (WJ)
Analects - Confucianism texts written. A code of life to follow. (S.S.)
Jen/Ren- Love for fellow beings. (S.S.)

Bible- The sacred text which records the major figures in Christianity, including Jesus. Contains Old and New Testament. (MG)
Lent- The remembrance of the period of time leading up to and including Christ's death on the cross. (MG)
Reformation- A movement which resulted in the formation of the Protestant branch of Christianity. A reforming of Christianity which eliminated certain doctrines and practices of Catholicism which were deemed incorrect. (SF)
Protestantism- The branch of Christianity which broke off from the Roman Catholic church at the time of the Reformation. (SF)

Kami- ancient gods or spirits for Shinto.(LG)
Kojiki- "Records of Ancient Matters", it is one of the books of Shinto.(LG)

Braman- the supreme reality of Hinduism.(LG)
Reincarnation- the process of coming back in a different life next. (LG)

Quran-The holy book of Islamic people.(TW)
Analects-The sayings and teachings of Confucius put into a book for people to worship. (TW)

Hajj- the journey to mecca once in a persons life. one of the five pillars. (SJ)
Zakat- the giving money or charity also one of the five pillars. (SJ).
Kaaba- Small hut in the middle of the great mosque, holds a sacred stone given from Allah. (ZB)

Bhikkhu- A Buddhist monk who depends on the generosity of others for his basic necessities. (AC)
Sangha- The Buddhist monastic order. Literally traslated as "group" or "community." Also may refer to the lay community. (AC)

Buddha- The Awakened One, The Enlightened one (WS)
Dukkha- Suffering, misery, woe, pain, ill, sorrow, trouble, discomfort, unsatisfactoriness (WS)

Animism- Spirits inhabit nature and influence forces of nature.(AC)
Indigenous Religions- local religions of Native tribes in a specific area. (AC)


Mosque- House of worship where muslims can come to worship but is not mandatory. (ZB)

Ying- Yang- the symbol of the Toaism religion and also symbolizes peace and harmony. (SJ)
pu- means uncarved block . (SJ)

Surah - a chapter of the Qur'an. (BH)
Qibla - the direction which the prayer must face.(BH)
Baka- Another name for Makkah(MG)
Gheenbah- Talking evil about someone n his or her absence.(MG)
Barmitzvah- coming of age, Gift of money, Alot of studying (ZB)
chacham- a wise man DF
Chelev-Forbidden animal fats DF
Torah- Jewish holy book. Read in arabic (ZB)

Chinkon- Shinto spiritual exercises
Guji- High Priest

Ekaggata- One pointedness (of mind) concentration.(MG)
Pama- Wisdom, insight(MG)

Chola- Clothing of the Guru, also applied to the coverings of the nishan sahib at a gurdwara. (SF)
Dhadi- One who sings the praises of God. (SF)

Jesus: The sacred leader of Christianity (B.B)
The Bible: The sacred text of the Holy word of God (B.B)

Confucius: The very well- known educational teacher (B.B)
The Yin - Yang: Ancient Chinese understanding how things work the circle stands for '' Everything '' and the '' White and Black '' stands for things fusing together and having everthing to happen. (B.B)

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